Harness the power of immersion technology.

Think Virtual Reality is Australia’s leading regional immersion specialists.

We deliver visual technology experiences that inspire, connect and empower.

No matter the business. No matter the challenges.

No matter the location.

  • We transform the relationship between you and your customers.
  • Turn your data into meaningful decisions and add value to your business.
  • Make your staff happier more confident and productive.
  • Bring a better quality of life to your community.

The Think VR team are proudly based in the tourism gateway of Cairns, Far North Queensland. We bring expertise not just in technology but project management, film production, marketing and media and are enjoy living in Australia’s premier regional tourism destination.

Service first. Trust second. Technology third.

Living in Australia’s tourism gateway Cairns, we treat customers like royalty – we can only deliver awesome solutions by stepping in your shoes and presenting realistic and achievable solutions that work.

Virtual Reality Filmmaking, Storytelling & Video Production
Engage your customers in new and exciting ways through virtually immersing them into your product.
Virtual Reality Training & Simulation
Increase engagement, retention and productivity of your staff with virtual reality training.
Augmented & Mixed Reality, Interactive Product Development
This new technology, augmented reality, blurs the line between what’s real and what’s computer-generated. And you can benefit from it.
Real Estate & Construction Visualisation
The latest way to showcase property online as buyers see it from any angle through 360-degree 3D Showcase virtual tours.

Immersive Media

[ih-mur-siv] [mee-dee-uh]


  1. noting or relating to digital technology or images that actively engages one’s senses and may create an altered mental state: immersive media;
  2. a Think Virtual Reality production demonstration