Grow sales, build relationships, and enrich others with powerful immersive experiences

Emotions are the foundation of everything we do. At Think Virtual Reality, we work with you to understand those emotional triggers of your audience and package immersive experiences that engage them like never before.


Trust a partner who understands your challenges

We are a proudly diverse group who have brought our broad skills from corporate, large and small business, manufacturing, IT, engineering, Government and education sectors to this exciting new world. Our team work with clients with very different needs but one shared goal: A result.

You have marketers, creative, coders, designers and user interface experts working together to pull apart your challenges or opportunities and then reverse- engineer solutions. And we know our technologies are only as powerful as the stories and experiences we engineer for them. And for that to be effective, we need to step into the minds of those you are wanting to influence. If it’s not an experience that’s natural for the user, we’ve failed.

Psychology and user experience is at the heart of what we do

It could be giving your clients certainty through a first person experience that your product is the one;

Building feelings of confidence for your staff through 1st person training exercises or feelings of gratitude for your stakeholders through deep emotional storytelling that shares your values or needs - we are here to deliver.

Take advantage of technology that better connects... with a catch

Just like computers, mobile phones and internet before them, immersion technologies like virtual reality augmented reality, 3d holograms and other channels bring people closer. Billions of dollars are being invested into these technologies as new innovative ways to help others are constantly being assessed and commercialised. But the laws of psychology and sociology don’t bend for us or anyone - results can only come from solutions that connect with the heart and the head.

It’s  why we enjoy our work: Teaching children to learn in virtual worlds native to them, helping retail open up to the customer with interactive, tactile storytelling and giving businesses the tools to give the doubters an experience so close to the real thing, they convert.


Flexible financial models work with you

We know your decision to use us needs to be an investment and not a cost. Our advice is simple: If we believe what we can do can deliver the return on investment you need from this project, we'll tell you.

For you, there's nearly always a way forward. Want a pilot VR training program spread over six months? No problem. Looking for some user experience testing for a website before you step into newer technologies? We can help. Need some advice about technology you’re not so sure about? Ring us. Our job is keeping on top of these technologies and sifting through the hype. if we don't deliver, how can you?

We support a wide range of industries

Free 20 minute strategy session on us

If you’re thinking about immersive technology, and overwhelmed, confused or not certain it’s for you - Call us and have a chat, or send us an email. Let us help you navigate what’s out there in the marketplace and where we believe the right strategies can deliver.

This might be your first step into immersive technologies, or maybe you’re familiar with with our world. We value our relationship with clients and pride ourselves on transparency and honesty - no BS applies here.  We partner with you and sign off at each step of the way so the final product is exactly what you wanted. And everything is produced and hosted here in Queensland, not overseas.

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