Our Team


Benjamin Farkas – Founder & Director

As a nine year veteran Ambulance Paramedic, Benjamin is no stranger to the hard challenges of managing people and corporate expectations. His strengths are creative thinking, big idea planning and building long lasting relationships with his clients. He founded Think Virtual Reality with a willingness to solve problems and develop better ways of doing things, along with the calling of his ‘inner geek’ to explore how cutting edge technology can fix problems businesses are yet to understand they have. Benjamin’s mission is to demonstrate how companies can leverage technology to accelerate growth, user engagement and find efficiencies in their current workflows. When he’s not solving business problems, you’ll find him with his family at a local swimming hole or eating fish and chips on the Cairns Esplanade.

Adrian Rayner – Director of Technology & Innovation

After a varied career spanning sales, business building, operations management and film and animation visual effects, Adrian joined the Think Virtual Reality team to develop and empower the team to deliver outstanding products for its customers. With a love of problem solving, Adrian’s core skills are invention and creation, which he uses to create business solutions that meet the multiple needs and expectations of his clients. He enjoys the freedom of innovation that drives results at Think Virtual Reality, as well as the opportunities to use the latest technology which is at the forefront of the industry. For Adrian, the next step in his journey with the team is to drive the evolution of all things Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, as well as continue his passion for developing cutting edge Quad Holograms.

Liam Kenneth Doye – Director of Software Development

Before working at Think Virtual Reality, Liam was a freelance programmer, creating web, mobile and desktop apps, and developing embedded systems for a range of clients. These days, he’s responsible for the design, implementation, deployment and maintenance of our software projects, which includes a lot of time making prototypes to demonstrate the potential of immersive technology. Liam loves the freedom that his role brings to experiment, innovate and use his imagination. He also enjoys the collaborative and creative culture of Think Virtual Reality, seeing a contagious passion for creation in every team member.

Kristen Remington – Marketing Manager

Kristen is a senior digital marketer with over 12 years of experience in the education, telecommunications, financial services and media industries. She is driven by creativity, leading projects and making a valuable contribution to the clients she works for. Her experience includes developing digital strategy, content creation, customer lifecycle management and evaluating campaign performance. Having previously worked in client side marketing roles, she brings a unique understanding of what clients need and the level of service that they expect. When she’s not using her creativity and problem solving skills in the office, she’ll be using them in the kitchen as she trials new recipes and hones her baking skills as a wannabe cooking show contestant.

Arianna Davis – 3D Modelling & Graphic Design Intern

As the newest member of the Think Virtual Reality Team, Arianna is responsible for designing engaging graphics for various apps, projects and presentations, as well as creating and animating 3D models for augmented and virtual reality projects. She loves finding creative solutions to problems and bringing new ideas to the table in order to find the best one for the client. She also  enjoys working with the team to create final products that have passion and heart put into them. Outside the office you’ll find her drawing, playing video games, reading or finding another way to spark her imagination.

Steve Grady – Graphic / Multimedia Designer

Before joining Think Virtual Reality, Steve spent 15 years working for Education Queensland, producing interactive learning tools and websites for Indigenous students. These days he’s responsible for creating visually engaging graphics, websites, custom software and databases to solve client problems and increase their productivity. Steve is excited about working on 3D projects, creating interactive experiences and watching himself and the team push the envelope on what’s possible. With a personal goal to raise the learning outcomes for Indigenous students, Steve’s favourite project so far has been developing interactive software that enabled cross-cultural understanding for teachers of Indigenous students. When Steve isn’t at work, you’ll find him recording music or coding flight simulation apps.

Andrew Hills – Spatial Audio Engineer

Andrew brings dedicated audio and sound recording expertise to Think Virtual Reality. Starting his professional audio career at Studio 301 in Sydney and the SAE Institute, he has gone on to record everything from ice sheets in Antarctica to bird song in the Amazon. He has also worked on large scale orchestral recording projects, sound for film/promotional videos and countless studio recordings. In particular, Andrew has an obsession with binaural and spatial recording and mixing audio techniques used extensively in augmented and virtual reality environments, focusing and pioneering these complex techniques over the past 5 years. With a passion for sensory overload and immersive sound, he is always seeking new ways to create innovative auditory landscapes by providing texture and psychoacoustics to transport listeners.