Real Estate & Construction Visualisation

Real Estate Agents are constantly looking for new ways to engage potential buyers and stand out from the crowd. Traditional listings have lost their impact so we bring real estate listings and architectural house plans to life with 3D immersive experiences.

Rather than imagining from sketches, blueprints and photos, this online showcase allows homebuyers to move through multiple properties and to see them from any angle, all from just one location. The experience is completely immersive, allowing visitors to create the emotional connection that buyers and sellers crave.

Examples of our work

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Think Virtual Reality specialises in state-of-the-art 360 immersive technology content development and marketing, virtual reality filmmaking, augmented and mixed reality app development and custom headset distribution.

Founded in 2015 and working with clients from a range of industries, our production house has secured itself as one of the most experienced and fasting growing virtual reality media production companies in Australia

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