Virtual Reality Filmmaking, Storytelling and Video Production

We’re able to engage customers in new and exciting ways through immersive and interactive media content. Our clients come from a range of industries but they’re all looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. The possibilities of how we can help your business do that are endless.

Virtual Reality technology, 3D modelling and visual effects editing can be used to allow tourists to sample the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef before they’ve even booked their holiday. Students can be placed at the moment Captain Cook stepped foot onto Australia, rather than reading about it in a text book. Or imagine being able to take a potential customer on a virtual walk through of hotel room, without them even leaving their home.

We also incorporate the latest audio techniques to allow sound localisation within the virtual reality environment. This accentuates the immersive feel of the user’s experience as sound appears to come from all directions and responds based on the motion of the user’s head.

Virtual Reality Filmmaking, Storytelling & Video Production

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